Ko te Kākahu o te Marama – Outfit of the Month

Every month, as part of the ongoing Outfit of the Month series, the Museum exhibits a special item from its extensive fashion and textile collection. 

    Every month, as part of the ongoing Outfit of the Month series, the Museum exhibits a special item from its extensive fashion and textile collection. 

    Each month when the new Outfit of the Month is installed, a fashion floor talk is held at 12.15pm on a Friday to enable visitors to delve deeper into the garment’s history. Look for information on the Museum’s social media pages or at wrm.org.nz.

    Rick Rudd Three-piece Suit

    June 2024

    Whanganui Potter Rick Rudd purchased this suit and shirt from Man At C&A in Ipswich, England, in 1973.

    1950s Knitted Dress

    July 2024

    Eve Nixon owned, crafted and wore this striking hand-knitted woollen dress.

    Wedding dress

    Alvine Voss Wedding Dress

    May 2024

    Alvine Augusta Voss wore this stunning taffeta wedding dress for her marriage at the Lutheran Church in Marton in 1883.

    1970s polka dot dress

    Lila Campbell’s Dress

    April 2024

    The owner of this smart sleeveless dress with accordion pleats and matching belt wore it for almost two decades.

    Late 1890s to early 1900s blouse

    Isobel Duncan Blouse

    March 2024

    An example of a must-have fashion item at the turn of the twentieth century.

    Hand-sewn 1830s-840s walking dress

    1830s-1840s Walking Dress

    February 2024

    This delicate dress made from cotton muslin typifies the fashion of the early Victorian period.

    1930s evening gown

    Jean Lambert Evening Gown

    December 2023

    Jean Lambert wore this glamorous evening gown made from gold satin and brocade lamé in the 1930s.

    Black silk faille, this 1930s gown

    Jean Trench Evening Gown

    November 2023

    Made from black silk faille, this 1930s gown was worn by Jean Doris Grace (née Trench) as a 26-year-old in 1939.

    Eileen Duggan Gold Dress

    October 2023

    A distinctly 1920s style dress made from fine cotton lawn and worn by well-known New Zealand poet Eileen Duggan (1894-1972).

    Chiffon maxi dress

    Midge Channon Maxi Dress

    September 2023

    This stunning maxi dress made from a boldly printed chiffon was sewn by Muriel ‘Midge’ Channon, a long-time museum staff member from 1972 to 1992.

    1920s evening coat

    Jean Lambert Evening Coat

    August 2023

    From the period of the Roaring Twenties, a loose-fitting evening coat in a ‘flapper’ style, made from a rich lamé-based devoré velvet fabric.

    1970s woman's trouser suit

    Joan Worthington’s Trouser Suit

    July 2023

    Joan Worthington, formerly of Whanganui, bought this trouser suit in the USA, probably in Kansas City in about 1974.

    Harriet Woon’s Evening Dress

    June 2023

    An oyster-coloured silk taffeta dress with woven black stripes, embellished with black velvet ribbon, dating from the mid to late 1860s.

    Mary Williams Lamé Evening Gown

    May 2023

    This gown was made and worn in the early 1930s by Mary Green Williams, a member of the well-known Whanganui family of J. Williams Jewellers.

    Satin evening gown

    Edith Christie Evening Gown

    April 2023

    From the early 1900s, a delicate satin evening gown made of silk georgette and embroidered lace, and embellished with gun metal, pearl and glass beads.

    Halter neck dress and jacket

    Patricia Forsyth Ensemble

    March 2023

    A halter neck full-skirted dress and a short jacket with a mandarin collar, worn by Patricia Forsyth in 1953 for while on a voyage to England on RMS Rangitiki.

    1970s kaftan

    Sharon Dell’s Kaftan

    February 2023

    A flowing woman’s kaftan of satin cotton, originating from Nigeria and worn by a former director of the Whanganui Regional Museum.

    1860s wedding ensemble

    Harrison Wedding Ensemble

    January 2023

    An elegant, watered silk faille costume of skirt and jacket, which dates from the mid to late 1860s.

    1930s Georgette evening gown

    Georgette Evening Gown

    December 2022

    This 1930s flapper style georgette, tulle and silk evening gown was designed and made in Whanganui.

    Gertrude Croom’s Tea Dress

    November 2022

    A delicate art deco-era floral tea dress made of satin, in 1939.

    1830s muslin walking dress

    Muslin Walking Dress

    October 2022

    An elegant women’s walking dress made of muslin cotton, in England, around the start of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837.

    Merle Higgie’s Evening Gown

    September 2022

    A glamorous late 1950s evening gown made of delicate lilac-coloured net fabric over satin and decorated with hand-made rose adornments.

    1950s rabbit hair coat

    Rabbit Hair Coat

    August 2022

    A glamourous 1950s white rabbit fur coat made from around 120 white rabbit pelts, lined in rayon brocade, and with a large, teased sheepskin collar.

    Huia Gibb’s Red Brocade Dress

    July 2022

    A stunning handmade two-piece evening ensemble dating from the 1970s, featuring both a sleeveless, floor-length gown and a matching, fur-trimmed coat.